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We created a number of activity guides (lesson plans) to complement our book MOMENT.  


The activities suggested in our guides should be considered starting points for deeper thinking and conversations.


They are intended to advance "global competence" which can be defined as the skills students need to engage in a meaningful and active way with the issues of our time.* 

* "Establishing a Framework with Global Competencies," NCTE Standing Committee on Global Citizenship, August 16, 2019.

We have organized the activity guides to support students' advancement in the four dimensions of Global Competence.  This framework was developed by Veronica Boix Mansilla and Anthony Jackson in 2011 as part of Project Zero at the Harvard School of Education and in association with The Asia Society.


The four dimensions are:

  • Investigate the World - Investigate the world beyond their immediate environment 

  • Recognize Perspectives - Recognize their own and others' perspectives​

  • Communicate Ideas - Communicate ideas effectively and across differences

  • Take Action -  Translate their ideas into appropriate actions to improve conditions

Each activity is intended for the suggested grade level (3-5; 6-8; 9-12) and built around photos from MOMENT, with activities to do before, during and after observing them. They are also grouped by topics, and are meant to be thought starters for educators to use as they see fit with their students. In some instances we have adapted our activities to follow the Thinking Routines espoused by Project Zero.


Boix-Mancilla & Jackson, 2011 

Resources 1

As part of this journey we've encountered some amazing resources and inspiration that we would like to share.


The list we've begun is by no means exhaustive and we expect it to grow over time through more research and input from MOMENT members from around the globe.    

Resources 2

Our goal is to generate and compile lesson plans organically through our new community of educators in the forum, allowing everyone to contribute as they find appropriate.  Become a member to participate!


If there is something that you want to add, get in touch with us. We'll let you know if we have any activities connected to your inquiry, or add it to our next project!

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